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Home Recording with your PC

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The purpose of this site is to provide you with advice on building a home recording studio using your PC or Laptop. A very simple set up requires only the following components:

You can add many more components to your home recording studio, but with just the above, you can make very professional home audio and MIDI recordings.

Basic Home Recording Studio Set up

In the early days of PC home recording, the power of your PC was a critical limiting factor in the capability of your audio recording software. Also, you needed to install a PCI Audio card directly into  the motherboard of your PC. Thankfully, things are now a lot easier!

Nowadays, almost all computers and laptops have enough horsepower to run a Digital Audio Workstation. Also, by purchasing a USB Sound Card, you can simply plug this into a USB port on your PC without needing to open up your PC.

Once you have installed your DAW software and USB Audio Card, all you need to do is to connect a Microphone to one of the inputs, adjust the recording levels and you are ready to record!

Most DAWs allow you to record and mix at least 32 audio and MIDI tracks, which should be more than enough for most home recordings. 

Once you have recorded a song, maybe you should consider entering a free songwriting contest. You never know, your talents for singing and performing might be discovered!

Once you have your basic home recording studio set up, you will want to get more sophisticated. Feel free to browse this site for more detailed help on how to adapt your PC based home recording studio to your needs.